Automotive and electronics manufacturers, suppliers of hardware and software tools and industry-oriented research facilities will present the latest developments in the fields of electronics and mechatronics to an audience of specialists.


The accompanying exhibition will take place in the Mia-Seeger-Saal (3rd floor).

Exhibitors 2016

Vires Simulationstechnologie GmbH

Grassinger Strasse 8

83043 Bad Aibling

Tel.: +49 8061 939093-0





VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH, a German company founded in 1996, provides solutions for automotive, railroad and flight simulation. Our core product, the highly modular "VIRES Virtual Test Drive", is used for the development and testing of advanced driver assistance and active safety systems, leading to solutions for automated driving. It covers the full range from the generation of 3d content to the simulation of complex traffic scenarios and, finally, to the simulation of either simplified or physically driven sensors. Installations cover SiL, DiL, ViL and HiL applications which may also be operated as co-simulations including 3rd party or custom packages. Adapting to our customers'requirements is a core strength of our company.

VIRES is key partner in the standardization projects "OpenDRIVE", "OpenCRG" and "OpenSCENARIO".



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