Exhibitors 2018

Controlled Power Technologies Ltd.

Unit 4 Westmayne Industrial Park,

Bramston Way,

Essex SS15 6TP

United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 1268 564800





Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) has developed a family of CO2 reduction powertrain products based on water cooled, dynamically optimised switched reluctance motor technology incorporating advanced control and power electronics. The technologies support micro, mild and full hybrid powertrain strategies and offer integration into existing mechanical and electrical architectures:


SpeedStart: A belt-driven integrated Starter Generator (B-ISG) system for fast and refined stop-start 'micro-hybrid' at 12V, 24V (including driver Change of Mind) and 48V mild-hybrid crawling, torque assist and regenerative braking.


TIGERS: A Turbo-Generator Integrated Gas Energy Recovery System for exhaust gas energy recovery at 12, 24 or 48V, delivering a peak power of 2kW-4kW.


COBRA: is targeted to deliver enhanced torque and emissions control. It can be optimised to achieve effective engine boosting when used in conjunction with a turbocharger or on its own. COBRA is optimised for 24V vehicle architecture. The system can be applied to road vehicles >3.5 tonne in weight or off road applications.



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