Exhibitors 2018

e-mobil BW GmbH

e-mobil BW GmbH

Leuschnerstr. 45

70176 Stuttgart


Tel.: +49 711 892385-0

Fax: +49 711 892385-49





e-mobil BW GmbH is the state agency for electric mobility and fuel cell technology in Baden-Württemberg, conceived as the central contacting and consulting office for all issues on electric mobility.


In times of an impending structural change in the automotive industry, the objective of e-mobil BW is to support the same on its way to large-scale implementation of e-mobility. e-mobil BW focuses on strengthening innovative power and exploiting major synergistic effects to achieve a better networking of all players and funding activities in Baden-Württemberg. First and foremost, small and medium-sized companies should be more effectively integrated in the innovation process of electric mobility.


The Stuttgart Symposium is an excellent forum for e-mobil BW to establish contacts to important network partners and to provide information on the various areas of activity of the agency.





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