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Greenteam Uni Stuttgart e.V.

Pfaffenwaldring 12

70569 Stuttgart

Tel.: +49 711 685-65759





The Team

The GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V. was founded in 2009. The 15 founding members had for the most part already experiences from the Rennteam Uni Stuttgart e.V., the successful combustion team.

The plan: Participation in the current trend towards a fully electrically powered Formula
Student racing car. The electrification required a comprehensive examination with the new
topics: control engineering, power electronics, driving dynamics – those subjects required a lot of pioneer work from the few students.

By now, the team size has more than doubled. This leads to the effect that competences can
be employed more efficiently and tasks can be shared. We place great importance on the
exchange of experience and knowledge transfer and we already have reliable partnershiphs in industry and economy.

The synergy of all of this, combined with the high level of creative freedom for the prospective engineers, leads to an enormous innovative strenght in ever single work package.

But not only the responsible application of technology is important - within the team
there are agreements that have to be met and interfaces which need to be communicated. And besides all the creativity - the economic aspect is of course not to be forgotten and budgets need to be met.

The social cohesion is strengthened by group activities and team building events, as working together that close can be challenging somethimes - but it also forms friendships for life in many cases.


The Competetion

No car means no competition – and without competition: no success.

To compete with other teams is the last step after a long way.

At Formula Student, the aim is to proof that the team can manufacture a racing car that is
able to prove itself in the competitions. The top universities Zurich, Delft and Karlsruhe do also have a Formula Student team.

Each team decides individually on which competition venues it wants to take part. As
there are a lot of teams, it is possible that there are application periods in which a test must
be passed in order to get an approval for the competition.

The Formula Student Electric is a fairly new branch with increasing popularity. The most
famous venue is the Hockenheimring in Hockenheim, Germany.

Each competition has the same structure.

At the static disciplines, the costs of the car, the engineering achievements and a hypothetical marketing strategy are being judged. At the dynamic disciplines, there are different tracks, which the racing cars have to complete individually. Then, the time and energy efficiency are being judged.

Before the car is allowed to move, it has to complete a strict technical scrutineering test.
Here, the observance of the international Formula Student rules is being checked.
In total, a maximum score of 1000 points can be achieved. The individual disciplines are rated with various points. So, a tactical decision must be made beforehand.

Our aim? We want to win! We want to outclass out competitors with inventiveness and
tactic and we want to demonstrate our full commitment until the last minute.
This has paid off!

With the sixth place worldwide and as the second best German team, we already have set
standards. And we are highly motivated to extend our success.



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