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Pankl APC Turbosystems GmbH

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 24

68169 Mannheim


Tel.: +49 621 860 854 - 0 

Fax: +49 621 860 854 - 433  





Pankl APC Turbosystems GmBH, founded in 2009 in Mannheim, is a subsidiary of Pankl Racing Systems AG, Austria. Pankl APC Turbosystems key competencies are in the fields of development, production and testing of innovative turbocharging systems for numerous sport and high performance applications. Many years of experience in turbo charging systems for high performance applications guarantees our customers powerful and high quality solutions for all applications. In addition to design and simulation engineering services, we offer also testing services for all turbocharging systems, including electrically assisted turbochargers. Our test stands offer closed loop system testing, battery simulation and burst and containment testing capabilities. Pankl APC offers complete validation programs, in addition to customer specific single tests within the framework of the development program. In our TS16949 certified production, exacting prototypes and small series are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. The current Pankl APC portfolio consists of electrically assisted exhaust gas turbochargers, electric turbo-compound systems, high performance exhaust gas turbochargers with integrated wastegates and VTGs, multistage turbocharging systems, external wastegates and anti-lag valves.



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