12th FKFS-Conference

1 - 2 October 2019


For the preparation and presentation of a paper please consider the following points:

  • Please have a short preliminary discussion with the chairman of your session 15 minutes before the beginning of the session and test your presentation as well
  • Technical assistance of the organizer is available
  • Check visibility (contrast, size of text and graphics) of the transparencies or beamer projection for your presentation in advance. Technical assistance of the organizer is available
  • The colour, contrast and the brightness you see on your laptop is never the same at the wall using a beamer over a distance of 20 m.
  • The size of a logo is of minor importance compared to the size of the text field.
  • Speak clearly and remember, the English language is not necessarily the home language of everybody from the audience.
  • The audience will appreciate all your efforts.