FKFS Events App

Mit der FKFS Events App erhalten Sie kostenfrei, schnell und bequem alle Informationen zur Tagung Gasfahrzeuge.


Informieren Sie sich über die Referenten, das Programm und etwaige Änderungen und erstellen Sie Ihren eigenen Programmplan. Die integrierte Suchfunktion ermöglicht Ihnen ein schnelles Finden von Referenten und deren Vorträgen.

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1. Technical requirements

The FKFS Event Web App can run on Apple iOS (from version 6.x) and Google Android (from version 4.x).

2. Offline mode

The application may be used offline if added to the home screen.

iOS: Tap on the share button and select 'Add to Home Screen'

Android: Tap on the menu button and select 'Save to bookmarks'. In the following window, find 'Add to' and select 'Home screen' from the dropdown menu.

Note: You have to bookmark the front page, otherwise the app won't work.

3. Navigation

You can access the main menu anytime by clicking on the menu-button in the upper left corner.

In 'Program' you will find the schedule of the event. Here you can view the sessions, their subjects, speakers and location. You may add the sessions you are interested in to your favourite-list and view them later on the go.

In 'Location' are the directions to the Haus der Wirtschaft given. You will find a few information about how to reach it by public transport and where to park in case you came by car. In addition, in the tab 'Plans' you can see a map of the Haus der Wirtschaft itself. The rooms where the sessions take place are marked green.

The menu item 'Speakers' displays all speaker who participate in the event. If you have a certain name or subject, just type it in the input box on the top of the page. Once you clicked on an item of the list, you will be redirected to the schedule and the session he or she is taking part will be highlighted green for an instant.

In 'Exhibitors' you will find the companies which have set up a booth at the event. It will display their names, logos and booth numbers. Expanding the list items reveals more information about the company as well as further contact details.

The menu item 'General information' is pretty self-explanatory. You will find everything you need to know about the Stuttgart Symposium. We highly recommend reading the page in case you have any questions. Our sponsors are located in the tab 'Partner'.

In 'Contact' you will find contact details about the organizer.

4. Update

If there is an update available, a refresh-icon will appear in the upper area of the page. It is not mandatory to update to continue using the app. However, we recommend to update the app as fast as possible to display changes of the schedule in case they appear. You may need to relaunch the app to see all changes. Of course, an internet connection is required to update the app.

In case you have technical difficulties, please contact us.

Get the app!